The trick to good web design is the ability to merge the functionality with the latest designs whilst maintaining a uniqueness or originality about the entire site. Each page must tie in or flow within each other in order to represent the site as a whole as opposed to individual designs – this can often become tricky because you need to ensure that each visitor is engaged and a tweak here or there in a page design can act as a visual ‘palette cleanser’. BananaPear prides itself on the ability to perform on all these core beliefs in order to deliver a website or even a business system that keeps the end user engaged.


The digital world that we live in has many aspects that a business needs to cover in order to have growth and sustainability within their digital presence plan. We offer almost all aspects within our product suite at BananaPear and anything that we do not offer can be easily sourced within our network of experts in that field - just to mention a few of our products.

Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, this is most likely a phrase that you have heard a lot whilst researching Digital Marketing and most likely still remains a mystery. As one of the most complicated and ever changing component of a good digital plan – SEO is broken down into two division. On-Page and Off-Page which as you might gather is utilising and ensuring certain elements on your website to keep the Google search monster happy and the other is being pro-active and building reputable links back to your website – As Google does love gossip.

Social Media

Wow! Hasn’t the evolution of Social Media drastically changed digital marketing, in some degree there wouldn’t be digital marketing without social media’s creation. The ability to share, post, like and comment has made it even more important to impress and distil trust into your customers eyes for them to share their enthusiasm with their peers.

Content Marketing

Content is King! This is the new and accurate phrase the seems to float around when discussing content marketing – and they are write. Content is the only thing in any companies digital plan or presence that they should be the most worried about. Trust, Community, Interactions are all key factors to a digital marketing plan and all three a born from Content. Hail King Content!

Email Automation & Marketing

The Golden Glue! The most over looked form of digital marketing since the creation of social media and the evolution of web design. Email Marketing is still a founding father of digital marketing it is essential because it glues all your different digital marketing platforms together. Email Automation combined with email marketing allows your emails to be 90% self managed and can target individuals depending on their behaviour within the emails that are being sent.


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Custom Marketing & Design

We truly believe in hand holding and taking that support the extra mile, Want to know if we are the right fit for you?

It's often the case that clients or potential clients simply need a bit of direction for them to understand what their digital presence plan needs or even someone to help them understand what can be done with a website. Often its simply someone to take their idea's and turn them into a working project. No matter at what stage you are with your website or digital marketing - BananaPear is more than happy to shout you a free coffee, talk about your business and goals.

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We are quote humble people and the most humbly part of our day to day is getting great feedback and thank you's from our clients. They truly are the foundation block that we have built BananaPear off, without sounding like a movie star grabbing an Oscar - "We thank you, the people".