10 Quick IT Tips

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The world of IT may seem complex to some. With new developments in technology appearing nearly every day, is it really that surprising that people often feel left behind?

While the pace of development is a marvel, it can be difficult and inefficient to constantly have to keep up with the newest technologies. It costs time and patience- two quantities that we are forever running out of. So to help you out, here’s a couple of tips that will hopefully save you time, and allow you to direct your energies to where they are really required.

1. Google Chrome

Ever been in the middle of some extensive research, or in the middle of very important email, only to have Chrome freeze on you? Granted, this doesn’t often happen but when it does, it’s always when it would be most inconvenient. So if you ever find yourself in such a pinch, press the Shift+Esc keys, which should take you to Google Chrome’s Task Manager. There you can close all the unnecessary tabs and focus on what’s important.

2. To access your address bar directly

In case your touchpad is acting up or your mouse is too far away. Press Ctrl+L or F6 and it should take you to your address bar. This works for all browsers

3. Print Only Sections of Content

Save your ink and paper by printing only selected sections of Internet content. This works for all Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Edexel, Word etc. To do it: highlight the required sections and click the Print option under File Menu. In the Printer dialog window, choose the option Selection, under Page Range.

4. To View An Article Split up Into Multiple Pages

It’s very aggravating to have to keep clicking ‘Next Page’ for one article, so this tip will let you view the whole article at once. Press Print or Ctrl+P.

5. Emoji Keyboard (Mac only)

Liven up your Tweets, YouTube comments, Tumblr posts or Facebook posts. Press the command key+control+space. Works for OSX Mavericks (10.9).

6. Cortana

Like a less impetuous Siri, Cortana is a virtual assistant for Windows 10. She is also available on Windows Phones. Enable Cortana by going to the left side options panel and select the Notebook icon. To improve the accuracy of her suggestions you can view and edit the information she has on you in the Notebook. She is very good at sifting through device files and OneDrive storage so just tell her to look for something and she’ll apply the correct filters and display pertinent results.

7. Record Your Screen

For MacBook users. Select ‘New Screen Recording’ in Quicktime, hit record, and select either a selection of the screen or all of it. When you’re done, hit the stop icon in the taskbar and you’ve got a screen recording!

8. Find Your Device

If you have a Windows Phone or Tablet, you should definitely enable this security feature. To activate it, go to Start followed by Update and Security followed by Find my Device. Make sure to turn on the “save my device’s location periodically.” Once its on, you can go to your Microsoft account and head to the list of your devices and see it’s last known location.

9. To open task manager, press Shift+Control+Esc.

10. In case you need to see and document your recent internet history detailed step-by-step, try Problems Step Recorder.

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