There isn't much that BananaPear can't do when it comes to the digital space. Our specialities are centred around web site design and development. However, we have the skills and abilities to assist you and your business with pretty much all aspects of your digital presence from a corporate website all the way too creating your corporate podcast.

Corporate Websites

60% of the websites visited today are visited by using a mobile. Having a presence online for your business is paramount for social proofing and business validation, not to mention that a high functioning website can assist your business in removing manual tasks and improve you way of life.

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Mobile Applications

People often believe that you need to have a grand innovative idea in order for your business to require an app but its simply not true. If you are potentially providing a customer with an online based service then most likely your business could benefit from a mobile app.

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eCommerce Stores

Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and even eBay are just some of the platforms that BananaPear is able to provide as an eCommerce platform for you Electronic Empire or Micro Cosmetic Business. Doesn’t matter how big or at what stage your business is at BananaPear would be able to provide you with the support that will help your business boom!

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Business Systems

Sometimes your business needs something a little special or specific that suits your business, often its because your business is unique and there isn’t the right business or assistance system out there on the market for your business. Well, this is where BananaPear comes in – We can custom an off the shelf service or create a brand new Web Application for your business with all the functionalities that your business could ever need.

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It's imperative these days that you business should have some sort of digital marketing associated with its digital presence. The crazy world wide web is filled with your competitors and your existing or future customers and you need to standout of the large crowd that is the internet. Knowing how to do that cost effective and time efficiently is where BananaPear stands out. We are champions of the digital space and now how to target your customers with the right technology and techniques that make us the "No Non-Sense" choice.

Email Marketing & Automation

Its often the forgotten piece of Digital Marketing and since the increase of SPAM – it is also very underrated. Email Marketing is still the glue that holds all your different digital marketing platforms together and can hold its own as your sole marketing platform if need be. Monthly Newsletters are just an example of a way for you to maintain your reputation within your audience and contribute back to your community. Email Automation is the process of have set goals or triggers that allow you to track your emails opens,reads etc then initiate another email based on the readers behaviour.

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Social Media Marketing

It pretty rare these days that you would meet someone who isn’t on some form of social media platform and because of this very reason – you really need some presence on social media. The truth is that not every business can benefit from social media marketing but definitely can benefit from having a social presence. However, if your business can benefit from social media marketing then BananaPear will be able to assist you in the social space as it can be a bit of a mine field especially with multiple platforms.

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Search Engine Optimisation

If your planning on getting customers or making your website work for you then you will indefinitely need some form of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is the driver/fuel or algorithm that drives your page up in Google rankings. There is a large percentage of people don’t click on page 2 of their Google Search – having well designed and high performing SEO attempts to get your page on the first page for certain search keywords used.

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Paid Traffic

Its the sure way to get your business noticed but alot of your competitors would be doing the exact same thing, ensure that your paid ads work for you and are worth the dollar spent is what BananaPear can ensure. It doesn’t matter if its through Google, Bing or even through Facebook – BananaPear can ensure that you get the most value out of your paid traffic.

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Content is King! Creating great content is an art by itself and ensure each aspect of your content is on point is what BananaPear is able to do. We love to brain storm and come up with innovative and entertaining content for your businesses audience to simply love. Whether you are after written blog articles, video animations or even wanting your business to start podcasting - BananaPear will be able to support you.


Your copy or written content needs to really be on point and most people dont believe it but it’s a bit of an art because there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration when creating copy. However, no matter what the copy is about it needs to represent your business in the right way, instil trust into your audience and most of all – It needs to entertain them.

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A fairly old form of providing content but it really has picked up movement in the digital marketing space because it is the new radio. It has become more and more common for people to plug in their phone and listen to podcasts on the way to work or even just whilst at work. Podcasting is a great way to reach your audience and another way for you to contribute and entertain your listerns.. or potential customers.

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Video Creation

Just by itself, Video content is the most engaging content because it engages audiences both visually and from an audio point of view. You can create some really good marketing campaigns by utilising video content – Its not necessarily for every business as it really depends on what service or product you are selling but if video content is something that interests you then feel free to get in touch with us.

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Video Animation

Animation videos or explainer videos are a really great thing and have become quite popular because they are able to visually show a potential customers what benefits your product or service will bring as well as how it works.

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There really isn't much that BananaPear can not do, we do odd jobs that potentially aren't our mainstream service. Below is just a few odd jobs that we do every now and then but if what your looking for isn't there then feel free to pop over to our contact page and lets us know what your business needs and as long as its in the digital space.. we will most likely be able to do it.

Logo Design

The most important piece of design that your business needs, it is the face of your business and dictates how your stationary, website, email signature etc will look. It is also important that it is designed for multiple use and that it is design to the standards of today BUT the most important thing truly is.. that you love it!

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Professional Presentations

There is nothing worse then sitting through a presentation and its just like every other presentation that you have ever watched. Presentations are visual aids but that doesn’t mean that they all need to look the same or need to be boring.

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Xero Custom Invoices

Previously we have created customer invoice and quote templates for some of our customers who use the Xero Account Software which allowed them to stand out from their competitors or maintain a neat professional appearance for their existing customers. We were able to incorporate their other services and monthly specials but advertising them on the back or bottom of their invoice they send out.

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Digital Design

You may not require a big design job for your business, maybe something like a eBook design or a facebook cover photo. As long as its to do with design then BananaPear will be able to help you.

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Not sure what your business needs?

Let BananaPear shout you a coffee and discuss you business in the digital space. We will be able to document the goals that your business may need to be thinking about achieving or give you some guidance on the solutions that your business needs in order for it to over come its current issues.

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